Product Owner Game

What's behind the Product Owner Game?

Product owner Game is modified and optimised for enterprise approach version of the Business Value Game created by Andrea Tomasini in 2007.

Business Value Game by Agiloplis is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Germany License.

Goal of the Game

The Goal of the Game Is to help Product Owners with two key elements of their day-to-day work:
Stakeholders Management
Prioritising features by Values it adds

Stakeholders engagement includes:

  • Communications and identifying stakeholders
  • The priorities are understood and defined by the company and key people in the organisation.
  • All Stakeholders are aware and try to collaborate in defining what is more valuable to the company,
  • If stakeholders are not cooperating – how Product Owner can help them achieve their goals not getting overwhelmed by internal project politics.

All this to be achieved in respect to the fact, that the Product Owner should be the “ultimate” role that is in charge of defining product priorities and owns the product even if he/she may need to be supported from Market Experts, Customers, Key Account Managers...

Product Owner Game Benefits

The Product Owner Game is a tool for estimating the Business Value in software development projects, it helps Product Owners and Stakeholders in sharing information related to Business Values in relative short time. It help the key role in Scrum – Product Owner effectively recognise and engage with the most important people in the organisation.

0.5-1 working day+ 0.5 day of pre-training evaluation.

£400 / person for the group of minimum 10 people including pre training evaluation.