Scrum for Advance PSM Exam prep

Objectives and the structure of the consulting offer:

Main objectives of trainings provided by Agilopolis Ltd are:

  • Provide the advanced knowledge of Scrum and Agile that will assure effective implementation within the delivery units to key people in the organisation software delivery (scrum masters and product owners).
  • On the top Agilopolis Ltd adds the hands-on days of training planned between 2-4 weeks after the initial trainings to verify level of knowledge gathered during training. This aims to provide the teams and individuals with practical implementation of the knowledge learnt on the trainings.

Trainings: PSM-I preparation course and Scrum Development Team Member training

Both trainings aim to establish the same level of knowledge regarding Scrum and using across team members and Project Management community.

PSM-I preparation course

Training aimed at obtaining deep knowledge of Agile and Scrum to the level that is required by Professional Scrum Master I assessment (provided by Besides covering the topics of Agile development and Scrum framework, the trainees will also learn about the assessment process, how to prepare oneself to the assessment and at the end of the training will have the opportunity to undergo a trial exam.

  • Participants: Developers, Scrum Masters, Project Managers taking care of Scrum projects and experienced Agile/Scrum practitioners who are likely to pick up the Scrum Master role in near future.
  • Group size: Minimum 8 people, Maximum 12 people per trainer.

To learn more about PSM-I assessment please go to the following page:

This offer includes the preparation course, however the fee for assessment has to be paid separately (150 USD per person).

PSM-I certification by is strongly recommended to all Project Managers, team leaders, Scrum Masters and future Scrum Masters to ensure that the knowledge level is unified across entire organization and at a minimal level that allows considering transitioning all projects into Agile/Scrum way.

Planned results of the activity:

  • Implementation of best practices
  • If justified by business case - implementation of Scrum framework, taking into account the role, artefacts, events, organization. That may become the baseline for further projects.
  • Stabilizing team and team delivery
  • Excitation curiosity and desire for improvement in other teams
  • Building a similar perspective on quality between team – customer/ PO
  • An increase in the area of internal and external communications regarding requirements
  • Correct implementation of Agile framework, taking into account the role, artefacts, events, organization.

Training 2 full working day + 1 day of pre-training evaluation. [for less advanced groups 2 days training delivers higher value]. Hands on training date will be agreed based per selected team/individual.

Two days training cost: £450/person
Hands on training is charged with £GBP/day
PSM Certification vouchers worth £105/person needs to be added on the top and are based on calculation.